Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Watchman, what of the night?

The always interesting Ἐκβλόγγηθι Σεαυτόν (in Italian) by Riccardo Venturi reminds us that almost 10 months ago a rudimentary IED was found in front of the Beyt Chabad in Florence, near the Synagogue.

The 'bomb' (not much more than a small camping gas bottle in reality) was left during the Cast Lead operation in Gaza. The day after the finding practically every V.I.P. in town (from the mayor, to the archbishop, to the leader of the Muslim community) went to every length to express their solidarity to the local jewish community. After being attacked by such a vile terrorist act.
A couple of days later, Il Firenze - a local free press newspaper - broke the news that the bomb was nothing more than a "warning" to the Chabad House owner, and coming from within the the jewish community itself!. The source, an anonymous member of the aforementioned community, believed, so the journalists reported, by the detectives investigating the case.

Il Firenze has been the only Italian newspaper carrying the news. While on one hand the original piece of news was echoed around the world, no other international media carried the second new. I heard of the Il Firenze article on Riccardo's blog first, and then took the liberty of translating the first, the second, and the third article covering the episode in this humble blog.
Only then a few websites (most of them are regular jewish blogs or jewish news sites - I have to stress) posted my translations.

In town, as Riccardo reminds us, after the first Il Firenze article practically everybody has abruptly stopped talking about the episode. No more mayor, no more archbishop, no more leader-of-the-muslim-community, no more loudly expressed solidarity, no more detectives, no more newspaper articles.

As R.V. so eloquently puts it: where the fuck has ended that damn bomb?

Enquiring minds want to know.

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