Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gear Review: LG Electronics HXD2320GB USB external hard drive

This entry should have been about something a bit different, but - ahem - I had already shot the photos above, so you get a mini review of my 2.5'' external HD, just in case somebody is even remotely interested in nondescript standard pc hardware of this kind.

I got this external 2.5'' USB external HD for a few euros at the local MediaWorld (MediaMarkt). It comes in a transparent blister box with the USB cable (there is one of those almost-standard mini USB plugs at one end found also on some Nokia cell phones) and one of those complimentary backup softwares on a mini cd-rom no one really uses. The unit is of course USB 2.0 compliant. Not every USB port/hub carries enough current to properly power the unit, hence the double USB connector - here is no external power supply provided. It works with most notebooks and the majority of desktop PCs, tough. The black plastic case, of medium quality, has a big blue power/activity LED. It's not (easily) openable, in case one would want to replace the hard disk inside. Which by the way is a standard WD3200BEVT-00ZCT0 Western Digital Scorpio 320GB 5400RPM SATA-300 8MB Cache 2.5-Inch Hard Drive. There is a preformatted GPT NTFS 320 gb partition ready to be used. No problems with Windows (XP/Vista/Seven), several Linux distros and the Mac OS. Performance is reasonable: it's decently fast, I had no particular problems carrying it back and forth from home to the office or someplace else in a business case or even in a backpack on my bycicle. An honest product for a good price.

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