Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kudos to M-Audio!

My current sound card is a 'vintage' M-Audio Ozone. I bought it used for a few euros a while ago. It has every possible input and output I need to record my attempts at making noise with my guitars, keyboards an my el cheapo Behringer XM8500 microphone. It also has a handy two-octave keyboard useful with soft synths and the like. Hardwarewise, the only drawback is the need to use the wall-wart power supply (it's not USB powered). The real problem were the drivers. With a lot of audio applications, notably IK Multimedia amp simulators, I used to get a lot of continuous popping noises in ASIO mode. But now M-Audio has eventually updated the drivers for this rather old product of theirs. With Windows XP, every audio app that I tried works like a charm. And they have even release Windows 7 drivers, even in 64 bit mode. Time to switch to the new S.O. I think...

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