Friday, 3 December 2010

No more Nazi-Zionist innuendo? is no more. The site does not respond. Today the domain today seems to be deleted from ( ), its former registrar.

Just a few days ago the site, which has become a small news case in the western and middle eastern world, was still reachable, but there was only a note saying that the forum was closed until further notice. Read this and this other post of my blog for a summary of what has happened since last November.

A self-appointed israeli 'researcher' has 'discovered' the site, a rather naive forum for WWII and 3rd Reich enthusiasts, and has mistranlated a disclaimer in farsi, that was only saying that the site was following Iranian regulations, to hint at the possibility of a direct connection between the site and the Iranian government.

A few bloggers, and a few news site took notice. It's always useful to associate your enemy du jour with Hitler and nationalsocialism. Especially if you are about to go to war against him.

The Iranian government did take notice, too, and.. filtered the site in Iran for a few days, then lifted the filter after the owners toned down a bit the imagery and the wording in the forum. The iranian government denied any involvement in the site: was simply registered, as any other iranian website, in a registry of iranian websites. Censorship was apparently applied under the insistence of the Jewish minority within Iran. The western press announced that the site 'was again allowed in Iran', of course.

After an Iranian I'm corresponding with warned me that the site was again inacessible from within Iran, I 'discovered' that the forum was closed. This has not been mentioned by any news source I could find.

The only thing remotely comparable to a news source mentioning that the site is now completely offline is this german article : yes, the site is offline, but, hey the owners have not been prosecuted (under what Iranian law?) and hey, you can still buy Mein Kampf in bookstores (so you can from, but never mind).
On November 30th on this research site this special dispatch was issued, when was already closed and with different graphics, repeating the same misleading news sources of 10 days before, whitout ever mentioning that the site was offline.

And hey, wasn't this site supposed to be the direct offspring or at least to be supported by the Iranians Gov't? How come is the site offline, now?

In the meantime, we learn from the Guardian that another middle eastern Government is promoting - without the shadow of a doubt - the most intolerable antisemitic canards. Not on with an obscure website. In textbooks. That are also used abroad. In the UK. Where is Rubin? Where are the bloggers? Where are the news sites? Where is the indignation? Where is the photoshopped Ahmadinejad head on Hitler's body? There is only an overly prudent commentary by David Goldberg. But it's Saudi Arabia: you're not going to attack them with a preventive strike anytime soon...

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