Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Jesko Friedrich

Jesko Friedrich is an interesting German satirical actor and writer. His work with the charachter "Johannes Schlüter" on NDR (a public broadcaster) has gained him lots of views on Youtube and other video hosting sites. Most of the stuff is in his native German. Some references are only understandable to people with a relatively good knowledge of the local culture and politics, however some satirical sketches have been so good that a few people have took the time to transalte and subtitle them. So (today it's a long, rainy holiday morning) I've took the time myself to translate into English the wikipedia entry about Jesko Friedrich. And I've subbed three more of his Schlüter sketches. Here they are, together with 'Bushpilot' and the very successfull (even in unlikely places) 'Verbrennflaggenproduzent'

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