Tuesday, 23 November 2010

More Nazi-Zionist innuendo

UPDATE: 27/11/2010, the site is effectively closed until further notice. The images of the heading have changed again, the administrator have left a message telling that they will put the new google groups address for the site as soon as possible. According to this site the SWC has asked the Arizona ISP hosting the pages to remove them from their servers.

UPDATE: 24/11/2010, one iranian blogger I'm corresponding with says that from Iran the site is now inaccessible. Iranian readers do you confirm? The site is visible from the outside and has changed, again, its graphics.

The unflappable Barry Rubin yet again writes on the supposedly ‘Government-Run-Iran-Nazi’ website.
Apparently Rubin is still convinced that the whole state of Iran at large is broadcasting and apparently endorsing  a pro-Nazi internet site. Yo-hoo? How do you ‘broadcast’ a web site in the first place? There is no proof of any ‘endorsement’ of the Iranian Gov’t other than the mandatatory registration on the Ministry of Culture website.
On the contrary, Rubin himself, posts a link (translated here) of a genuine Iranian news site: the site has been filtered for a while,because some of the contents have been found objectionable. TABNAK criticizes the government for being too lenient on filtering websites on the .ir TLD. Now, as Rubin states, TABNAK is pro-government,it says the ‘association’ who has set up the website is an obscure cult, and criticizes its government for NOT filtering it. Still ‘apparently endorsed’ by the Islamic Republic?
The Al-Arabiyah article also linked by Rubin takes an interesting stance: the Gov’t has filtered the site, after a while it has unfiltered it. THEREFORE the Gov’t must be behind the site. What the saudi controlled news and tv website fails to mention is that before the ban was lifted irannazi.ir (as first reported by this site) has changed its more fanciful graphics and toned down  some of the writings. It seems that what the Islamic Republic is doing is just exercing effective censorship against pro-nazi websites, that kind of censorship the ADL is lobbying to implement in the USA in spite of the 1st Amendment and countless other organizations are trying to get implemented in Europe (in those countries where there are not already similar laws, that is). Al-Arabiyia also mention a Rubinesque article by  Rooz Online. Rooz Online (this is not mentioned by Al-Arabiya) is a site produced by Iranian dissidents.
There are a couple of sources that Rubin inexplicably doesn’t mention. This Reuters news item for example. There is the obligatory reference to how Ahmadinejad is just a bad guy, and then a discernible sign of honest journalism:
The Nazi website does not appear in any way linked to the Iranian state, but with strict controls on the Internet blocking many sites deemed undesirable, TABNAK criticized the government for granting permission to the Nazi website.
What this site has reported first! Also, we learn that TABNAK is pro-government, but really the arm of the internal opposition. Wow! And we thought all along that the Islamic Republic was just a monolithic dictatorship, like, like… Saudi Arabia, for example (I’m exaggerating, the Kingdom is more like an absolute monarchy in fact).
The other source is this UAE English-language website, The National.
Here is the link:
Iran's Ministry of Islamic Guidance and Culture said it has not recognised a neo-Nazi group that recently claimed its website had been registered "according to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran".
"The website was only registered [in the ministry's list of approved websites] by an individual," Mehdi Sarami, an official of the ministry, told the Tabnak news portal on Saturday. There was no mention of the neo-Nazi group in the registration form, he said.
Gee! That’s just what this site has reported first! And, believe me, I’m just a guy from Florence who likes to check his facts and did a bit of research on his own…

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