Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Utili Idioti

una breve epitome...

Sulle prime pagine dei giornali l'eco notizia del fallito attentato alla sinagoga di New York è rapidamente svanito. 

Ma approfondiamo meglio la notizia...

Four men were arrested Wednesday night in what the authorities said was  a plot to bomb two synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down military planes at an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, N.Y. David Williams, one of the men arrested in an alleged terrorism plot, 
was escorted by federal agents from 26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan.  The men, all of whom live in Newburgh, about 60 miles north of New York 
City, were arrested around 9 p.m. after planting what they believed to be bombs in cars outside the Riverdale Temple and the nearby Riverdale 
Jewish Center, officials said. But the men did not know the bombs,  obtained with the help of an informant for the Federal Bureau of  Investigation, were fake.

Everyone called the stranger with all the money “Maqsood.” He would sit in his Mercedes, waiting in the parking lot of the mosque in Newburgh, N.Y., until the Friday prayer was over. Then, according to members of the mosque, the Masjid al-Ikhlas, he approached the young men. [..] The government case revolves significantly around the work of an informant who facilitated the men’s desire to mount a terrorist attack.[..] The role of informants has been a constant in the terror cases made by federal and local authorities since 9/11. And just as constant have been the attempts by lawyers for those charged to portray their clients as dupes, people who would not have committed to do harm without the provocation of the informants. Those attempts have typically failed. Juries, evidently unmoved by claims about the conduct and influence of the informants, have routinely convicted those charged in the terror plots, like the five men charged with wanting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix in New Jersey, and the young Pakistani immigrant from Queens charged with conspiring to plant a bomb in Herald Square.And, it turns out, an entrapment defense failed in a case involving the informant in this week’s bomb plot investigation. 

Altri articoli, link trovati su Usenet...

I quattro supposti membri di al-Qaeda sembrano quattro poveracci, con storie di abuso di droga e problemi penali assortiti alle spalle. Uno ha addirittura problemi psichiatrici. Il ruolo dell'informatore dell'FBI è determinante: senza di lui difficilmente i quattro, anche con le peggiori intenzioni, si sarebbero potuti procurare esplosivi e addirittura dei missili Stinger (che fortunatamente sono rimasti solo nella fantasia degli arrestati e nelle pagine dei giornali). 
Certo, avrebbero potuto fare comunque danni, negli USA spesso basta un problema scolastico o un licenziamento per spingere qualcuno a fare - letteralmente - una strage, ma da qui a vedere nuovamente celebrata la terribile minaccia del terrorismo islamico internazionale.. Bah.

Lasciamo la parola a questo commentatore del 'The Nation' che fa parte incidentalmente del gruppo etnico 'vittima' dei quattro idioti.

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