Wednesday, 13 May 2009

My Nokia 6120 Classic (Gear Review)

Some people seem to be interested in my cell phone. Well, why not write a bit about it. 
I've always owned rather cheap and unremarkable phones (I tend to lose them on a regular basis) but a few months ago I had the opportunity to get a Nokia 6120 Classic at a very good price. My first smartphone. It's a Symbian S60 3d edition phone. The CPU is  rather fast compared to other N-Series models. It uses the same battery used in other recent Nokia candybar models. The display is a good QVGA, small but readable. Despite what you might read in the technical specs, it accepts 4Gb and probably even 8Gb microSD cards. I use a 4Gb vanilla model with no problems at all. The media player is excellent, and so is the audio quality, via the 2.5 audio jack (I use a 5 euro adapter and standard headphones), so this phone has virtually took the place of my old MP3 player. I've found that the Symbian version of the TomTom GPS software works perfectly on this phone too (and still fits nicely in the 4gb card). So I've also added a LD-4w GPS antenna (but standard models should work just fine). I need GPS navigation software only sparingly so it's perfectly adequate (and with a separate antenna I can play with PC GPS software too). I've also found a freeware Roboform password management software and a few games (Flash lite is supported) to complete my mobile software needs. There is also a camera (doubled on the front side at lower res): not much of camera, some of the photos on this blog were taken with it... On the minus side, the shell is rather brittle, but can be replaced easily with cheap 3d party spare parts, and the battery life isn't very long, especially using Bluetooth and Internet access extensively.
I've added a cute silicone-like plastic cover bought on ebay, as you can see in the photo above.
Oh, the funny guy in a tuxedo displayed on the cell phone is not me, nor is one of my acquaintances, just a funny small jpg I've found navigating on the net. I find it strangely appropriate, maybe because of the cute silicone cover...

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