Friday, 4 September 2009

Selling Hitler (again and again)

According to this funny article (and many more, in many languages) it is almost certain that in 1909, one hundred years ago, Hitler and Lenin played chess together.

The author is supposed to be Hitler's 'jewish art teacher', Emma Lowenstramm; whose existance is confirmed. The two signatures on the back of the etching are '80% authentic'.
Now, as this short piece of German news reminds, in 1909 Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov a.ka. Lenin was already bald as a coot. This 1895 photo proves it...

And that's not all. In 1909, the soon-to-be famous austrian pangermanist was barely twenty years old, and by all accounts, much gaunter. Look at this famous 1914 photo (or look for the WWI photos in many biographies or on the net)... It's not that I've spent hours and hours of research noting and checking these two simple facts, mind you, it was just a matter of thinking for more than 20 seconds and looking up a few items in a couple of books and on the net to confirm. These journalists...

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