Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gear review: Casio SA-46

The other day I bought a Casio SA-46 as birthday present for my little nephew, who is now three years old. Really: I didn't buy it for me. Even if I would like to. Anyway: it's a 32 keys mini keyboard, not too toyish, and fun to use. Casio has been putting out several good real musical instruments in the last years, but even these little electronic keyboards are interesting and don't sound bad at all (even if some presets do feel remarkably more artificial than others). For a more detailed description, watch me unbox the SA-46 in the first video.

In the video below you can hear the 10 preset songs (I don't think they're available anywhere else on the net, I sampled them with my usb audio interface directly from the phone output).

Oh, my nephew liked the instrument. He discovered the first preset song, and didn't want to try and play with the keys at first. He only wanted to play 'Ode to joy' in a dance arrangement, all the time, at full volume. In order to avoid retaliation from my brother I managed to partially silence the unit, blocking the volume knob at half the run with a bit of plastic coated steel wire.

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  1. your videos and posts are really cool and somewhat ironic, I like that, will be coming back here, love your voice and how you explain things.. easy man.. Ciao ;)