Monday, 18 July 2011

Summertime bugs - II

You come to the office, and the colleagues on the road complain about 'java errors' in OWA. It's an old Exchange 2003 OWA. The installation is always there, in an untouched VM dedicated only to that purpose. As a matter of fact there are non 'Java Errors'. On IE OWA stops with a 'Loading...' message, probably because it cannot find proper activex controls. On Firefox/Chrome/Safari OWA works, but with wrong graphics, probably because it cannot find proper style sheets, etc. You start reading articles on the web on how to repair OWA's installation, but then you recall that the other day you installed an Hotfix (#266651) to potentially solve another problem with .7pm documents. Disinistalling the hotfix (which couldn't have had much to with OWA) magically solves the problem without reinstalling anything...

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