Sunday, 8 March 2009

Anti-Catholic propaganda geniuses

This is a photo I stumbled upon reading something on Usenet. It's rather widespread, just google 'young ratzinger' or 'ratzinger hitler salute'. It's been even included in extremely intelligent youtube videos like this one (and one wonders what could happen to its author had he chosen to mock not the Catholic Pope, but the prophet Mohamed, or - shudder -  the Jews or the jewish Holocaust).

Well, there is a small problem with this picture. Check out Joseph Ratzinger biography in the Wikipedia. He was born in 1927. He was barely eighteen when the war ended. He was ordained priest in 1951. How could he have given the Hitler salute in full priest regalia after 1951, without risking arrest? Is there really a need to reverse engineer the photoshopping at this point ?

Not that popephotoshopping is something new. Check out this, for instance.

UPDATE: a funny person on Usenet rightly notes that I have written "jewish Holocaust" with a lower case 'j'. I reckon that "Jewish Holocaust" with a capital J is a more correct/widespread usage. I won't edit my post, though, let the knowledge of this horrible mistake endure the centuries ahead, well beyond the life of the nephews of my nephews of my nephews.
Translating from the original  post in Italian:

On 8 Mar, 12:05, "" wrote:
> In le message del Sun, 8 Mar 2009 12:46:07 +0100, Redfiddler ha scripte:
> >>
> > maybe you could be intelligent enough to distinguish a satirical video
> > from a real fact
> As I ask myself here (for our international readers)

I guess that they will be delighted by the expression jewish (with a lower case j) Holocaust.
Who knows, maybe it's a lapsus.

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  1. It doesn't have to be superbrainiac to figure it out what's going on in this photo. Here is the right one.

    But some people are downright stupid and some are very mean. I don't wish anything bad happens to them, I just wish that people will treat them as they treat others.