Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Phonecopy .CSV to SMS Backup and Restore conversion

Last month I gave my relatively old Nokia 3 to my mother. She was still using a Nokia 5800, of all things. To transfer the contacts database I synced it with https://www.phonecopy.com/en/, then exported to .CSV format, then imported it back into google contacts. Phonecopy, at least with the free service, syncs also SMS messages, and allows to export them to .CSV. But how to get them back to the 'new' Android phone? With a bit of research I found out that the popular app SMS Backup and Restore has a documented backup format. So I wrote a little converter, put the converted backup in google drive, reimported it et voilà, SMS restored for momma.

If interested, here's the github repository...

Not my mother, unsurprisingly...

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