Thursday, 22 January 2009

X-Face in Thunderbird 2.0 - an easy recipe

This is my quick recipe and an annotation to myself to use and view X-face headers in Thunderbird 2.0 :

  1. Generate you text header using one of the many available venues, like this one.
  2. Install mnenhy as Thunderbird extension. mnheny will allow you to display X-Face icons in TB's message pane.
  3. To send Usenet posts with a X-Face icon do the following:
  • Open the Configuration Editor (Tools/Options/General - Configuration Editor). 
  • Locate your identity (or indenties) in the mail.identity.* configuration entries.
  •  Choose the id of the identity you want to associate with an xface (it's id1 id2 id3.. etc, lets say it's [ID]).
  •  Add a new string configuration entry named mail.identity.[ID].headers and assign to it the value xface .
  •  Add another new string named mail.identity.[ID].header.xface and paste the text header from 1. into the value. 
'xface' could be any other name of course. If you already have custom headers defined, you don't need this quick recipe. 
A plugin to choose multiple X-Face headers would be a cute idea, by the way.

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