Friday, 30 March 2012

RemoteApp and Missing Fonts

Your application has been installed on Windows Server 2008 R2 as a RemoteApp. Easy access, non cumbersome remote desktop window, (l)users happy, no compatibility problems.

- But hey: that report uses Arial Narrow, which is not present in 2008 R2. No problem: I'll just get the TTF from another machine and install it on the server.

- Mmm.. I'm sure I've installed the font, but the report is still defaulting to Arial.. Try restarting the application.. nope.

- Let me see: I'll try to access the application using normal remote desktop.. Uh.. but now it works. Let's check the remoteapp mode. No, still not working.

- Maybe there's some special setting for remoteapp fonts? Uh.. I've looked.. no special setting.

- A file permission issue? Don't be silly the user is the same for remote desktop and remote app.

- Googling the problem I've found a similar case where the only solution was a server reboot!. 

- That must be silly, the new font is already available as I've shown you using remote desktop..

- We're running out of options and time.. Would it be a problem to try and restart the server?

- Uh, no, let me phone the coworker back in the valley..

- Ok, server restarted. I doubt that it will do anything but let's try, you could always revert to remote desktop you know... Oh. It's working! How quaint!


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  1. The most common phrase I use every day: "Did you try restarting?" And, surprisingly, the resolution to this problem which was bugging me for a few hours :)