Friday, 10 April 2009

How to solve 'CLED error SRV #001'

Sometimes people using Cubase or VSTs by Arturia encounter a 'CLED error' message upon restarting their systems. This is actually an error caused by a dongle emulation software (read, a software crack) made by a (I believe now  defunct) group called H20 written to circumvent the sophisticated Syncrosoft dongle copy protection system. 
One way to avoid the error is to remove CLED.EXE from the registry startup entries. CLED.EXE is a tray application talking to a syncrosoft dongle emulation device living usually in the system peripherals tree. In case of partial deinstalls, double installs, or other problems CLED.EXE has trouble talking to the device. Of course removing CLED and/or the device removes the software crack, as a side effect.
For those wanting to indulge in using slightly old, often partially working cracked music software, merely for research purposes and in anticipation of actually buying the real thing (it's not hypocrisy: there are NO working cracks for the latest releases of Cubase and some Arturia softsynths, for real purposes one has to buy the real thing) here's a simple guideline to actually solve the CLED error problem.

- first of all deinstall everything, the syncrosoft software, the cled.exe
entries, the emulation device, cled.exe itself.
- purge the registry of every entry (even registrations CLSID trees) referring to syncrosoft
- delete cled.sys in \windows\system32\drivers
- delete the syncrosoft dlls (synsoacc*  etc)  from \windows\system2
- find a recent release of the True Emu Syncrosoft Driver 5.01 and install it
- reinstall the original software: it should reinstall the Syncrosoft software 
and found the emulation device already installed.

That's it: it's only a rough guideline, of course you have to know what you're doing (don't try it if you don't, you risk to blow up your entire system) and it's not guaranteed to work anyway. Better of other solutions you may find online, though...


  1. WTF? I dont hav Qbace but I have this prob. How am I supposed to know what to uninstall?

  2. febo@elenda.net10 June 2009 at 16:32

    What's qbace ? The problem is caused by a broken/old dongle emulations software, installed silently with VST software - most of the time. Look for the files mentioned in the post - IF you know what you're doing.

  3. Have this problem too. HOW about more detail???

  4. This answer is bullshit

    It relates to the H2o Driver which works as a dongle for Cubase or Nuendo or a number of other audio apps..

    Remove Cledex from your registryand make a shortcut torun it whenever you need rather than hve it run automatically @ startup

  5. Hi anonymous, the procedure I described is simply the steps I tooks to remove the H20 driver settings and executables (including the registry entries you mention) and to REINSTALL it to run other apps needing. For me, it worked: HTH for others too..

  6. Hello ppl

    My problm it´s with the installation..

    I can´t install the diver h2o..

    First it shows the CLED error.. And them the installation of the driver H2O emu has no success.

    Can anyone help me?

  7. visto che sei italiano ti scrivo in italiano...ho fatto come dicevi, ma dopo mi chiedeva i file synsoacc ecc nella cartella system 32. Ho preso da internet la dll synsoacc.dll e messa lì, adesso cubase mi dà "[0000] unknown error" e poi mi si chiude. Reinstallando tutto mi dà sempre questo errore.
    Hai consigli?

  8. what the... dude, I just unchecked the clex from the startup msconfig and reinstalled the h20 dongle.

    works fine so far.

  9. doesn't work for me. It seem we will have to wait until H2O comes out with a fix. Or we could try buying the real thing

  10. this happened to me before. turns out i had to delete it from the task menu. google it. it worked and only took like 5 mins

  11. same problem here i can't install h2o drivers

  12. Well, the CLED error srv #001 keeps popping up after I play the Sims 3 for a while. I can't move my mouse or anything and it pops up in the middle of my screen.


  13. Hey Guys I am Anky..... its Soooo Simple...
    Just Go to Control Panel & Uninstall programe named "Syncrosoft Emu(Remove Only)"....

    Error Will be solved.

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    does not work... at least for me.

  15. Thanks, the error solved.

  16. (sorry for my english)

    I have recentely upgrade windows from vista to Windows 8..the license control h20 syncroft emu has stopped work..
    I use nuendo 3.. any suggestions?

  17. reply also in italian..!

  18. I have not tried W8 with VSTs yet..